Rose and I are having a girls day :)

I’m SO sorry I described you as bi-sexual. I had no clue you were a pan-sexual, gender fluid, demi-furry, poly-amorous girl.

Who identifies as a boy this week.

That’s me circa 1992
Why do girls go for assholes instead of nice guys like me? Please M’lady,  allow me to show you the treatment that’s worthy of a fine woman like you.
Like my new haircut?
Anonymous sent: ... I just open ur blog in the middle of class, not a good idea. :-/ really dumb idea! but it is a really nice dress.

Hahaha, at least I don’t post any porn? And thank you! I appreciate that

Just a reminder that you don’t have to be “hard” to be tough. Tough is about surviving, tough is about loving. 
Tough is about getting your heart trampled on over and over.
And still not be cynical.
Being tough isn’t about how quiet or strong you are.

It’s about how loudly you proclaim that you need help.

Much love <3
A reminder that behind every photo shoot, music video, or performance. There’s almost a full day of preparation.
Anonymous sent: I don't mean to force myself on to you, or make you feel uncomfortable in any way, but for some reason I can see us growing old together, being very in love. I just wanted you to know that I'm anyways, always rooting for you. You don't have to post, I just wanted you to know. Missing your presence here.

I didn’t feel like you were forcing yourself on me in the least. Thank you.

And I find it most comforting that someone out there can picture a life with me. I worry about that.

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