Anonymous sent: me to you youtube,com/watch?v=1WY6HZUGSjI

There was nothing at that address. I feel cheated

Trying to get a hold of me? Now’s your chance. Im staying in and answering private and anonymous questions.

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Anonymous sent: Im a 13m and im really really crushing on this girl. Give me a good line to start with?

Strap in little brother, time for some advice. Video loading

Anonymous sent: What happened in that picture you posted of what I think is your brother?

What do you mean what happened? Are you talking about the one when we were 16/18? And we thought we were bad ass?

Anonymous sent: Do you think its good to be in a committed relationship? I'm considering going after this guy I like, but I'm not sure if I want to be tied down... Would you like it?

Honestly for me it really depends on where im at in my life. Am I stable enough for a committed relationship? Do I have the time? Is this someone that I think I can trust enough to really be involved with like that?

Its fairly rare that im in a committed relationship. Ive been in 4 in the past 10 years. I mostly date causally, but every so often I meet someone that I really have an attraction for AND I feel comfortable enough to trust like that.

But you have to decide what a committed relationship means to you. Is it something serious and rare like it is for me? Or is it just a companionship meant to be temporary. Ultimately there is no right answer, as long as you both have the SAME answer.

So ask yourself some questions, And then decide. Whatever you decide, make sure its informed and thought out.

I hope this helped you friend.

Much love.

Anonymous sent: Have you ever been to another country? Are there any you would like to visit in particular? If so, why?

I have actually. I traveled a lot as a boy. My family, namely my grandmother wanted me to be cultured worldly. My mother wanted me to learn how to “please women in other languages”

That’s a real quote. Sexual prowess and experience is openly discussed in my family. Plus, having lesbian parents and all. A woman’s satisfaction was important for me to learn. May sound strange, but its the truth.

I have visited and/or studied in;

Israel, Jordan, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Canada, China, Mexico, And Germany.

I would right now like very much to go back to the UK or Australia. I have someone in the UK who’s very important to me.

Too long a response?

Anonymous sent: Also, to the anon, I hope they feel nice up on their high horse. Clearly they're the better person, hiding online and wishing death on people (please note the sarcasm). I don't understand the need for such vitriol, especially towards a stranger. Peace and love to all things. (Also, perhaps they should learn the difference between 'you're' and 'your' before insulting anyone else...)

Thank you dear friend, it really does my heart well to hear something positive from an anon. I don’t post all the hate, but I get about 3 to 5 hate messages a day. Often more if Ive dared to express an opinion about something. While I don’t take them personally, it does tend to wear on me. And this is a time when im really trying to stay positive. I think people forget that im a real person with feelings, and not a fictional internet character.

My thanks again,

Much Love. :)

Anonymous sent: hi!! i just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say, you're pretty fine ;) are you single? i live in the san diego area, we should hook up sometime. <3

You should definitely come off anon.

Anonymous sent: Im so happy to hear that you're dying (dying right? Not just sick hopefully) Then the world will have one less chauvinistic liar. Youre little FUCKING story about being "raped" by a woman is such fucking bullshit. Die quickly you fuck.

We’re all dying aren’t we? I guess I just have the benefit of seeing it coming. But I really do apologize for stepping on your hate parade, but just because a doctor or two says there’s no hope. Doesn’t mean that im gonna just lay down and die.

Friend, im unsure exactly what happened to you. But this hate that you harbor will consume you. And while im more than happy to be an outlet for your rage. Im concerned for your spiritual and mental health. Sometimes we all need to clear out our resentment and start fresh.

If you feel like you want to talk, or even if you just need someone to be mad at. Please come back, I’d be happy to oblige.

Much love ♡

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