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Hey friends.

So I know i’ve been absent for a considerable amount of time, I do however have a good reason. I’ve been in the hospital getting an very large and infected mass out of my stomach that was in and attached to my gallbladder. It was a pretty close call, if my girlfriend Molly hadn’t “thrown my ass into the car” and brought me. They said I would’e have been a very less alive Zac. 

So I hope you’ve all been well. I’m on the mend. And Molly has been taking very good care of me. She’s really more of a wife/nurse at this point. I’d nominate her for sainthood but she’s not Catholic. 


So leave your messages and I’ll get to you as soon as possible, sorry for any delay. And as always be blessed and take care of each other.

Much love.

Guess who survived?
Having surgery tonight at Tri City. They are gonna have to remove my gallbladder and clean out the infection and blood in my stomache.  Its pretty high risk  due to the amount.  So your thoughts and prayers are appreciated very much. 

Leave a message for me?
Like the new glasses?
Anyway,  how are you?
Out of the hospital!
Anonymous sent: we're soaring flying theres not a star in heaven that we cant reach

I’m not sure what to make of this…but it comforted me, so thank you.

I guess 3am is a good time to be awake forever

My health insurance dropped me and I cannot afford my treatments and medication. It will take months to get enrolled in anything substantial with government assistance.

That’s months without medication, or treatment. Transfusions and the like.

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